Shipping Information

Free Shipping
The delivery time is determined by the shipping service that we have been working with, the shipment will be scheduled according to the delivery of other goods with the same destination country.

Free Shipping Time
- Estimated delivery within 1 day city
- Estimated delivery outside town or province 3-5 days
- Estimated international delivery 3-4 weeks

Business Shipping(Paid Shipping)
Delivery time is adjusted upon ordering. The delivery service is determined by the customer.

Paid Shipping Time
- Estimated delivery time outside town or province 1-2 days
- Estimated International Delivery Time 11-13 days (FedEx Service)
- Estimated International Delivery time of 8-10 days (DHL Service)

Shipping Terms
The shipping preparation process will begin 1 day after ordering status "Paid".
Delivery process is done 1-2 days after ordering status "Waiting Shipment"
Preparation of shipment and delivery process are not included on holidays.
If preparation for delivery on Saturday, delivery will be made on Monday.
We do not guarantee the full delivery right on the specified day count, but we strive to post on time.
The delay in arriving goods may happen when something happens beyond expectation, such as weather, natural disasters or events that hinder delivery trips.